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What's the difference between xSuit 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0?Updated 6 months ago

All versions of the xSuit have the same proprietary nanotechnology making them resistant to wrinkles, stains and odors.

The xSuit 5.0 is made with our newly developed TechWool fabric which is an 8-way stretch wool blend that incorporates the natural benefits of wool into the xSuit. This new fabric is even more wrinkle resistant, breathable, odor resistant and durable than the fabric of the xSuit 4.0.

The xSuit 4.0 and 3.0 are made with our specially developed 8-way stretch fabric that maximizes comfort and freedom of movement. They also use thermo-fused seams as opposed to stitched seams for maximum durability.

The xSuit 4.0 has a light shoulder and chest canvas as well as pocket flaps, giving it a more classic look compared to the xSuit 3.0. It is also machine wash only.

The xSuit 2.0 is fully lined and constructed with shoulder pads and a chest canvas giving it a more classic look while still being noticeably stretchy. It is dry clean only.

The xSuit 3.0 is unlined and unconstructed for a more casual look and feel. It is machine wash only.

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